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New Root® and Patient SafetyNet™ Technologies
Provide Early Warning Scores, Help to Improve Patient Outcomes and
Reduce Cost-of-Care

MARLTON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NuVision Management, a pediatric and adult healthcare consulting company
today announced that two of its pediatric facilities,Voorhees Pediatric
Facility in Voorhees, New Jersey, and Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation
Hospital in Marlton, New Jersey, are the first pediatric care facilities
in New Jersey, and two of only a few in the United States, to adopt and
utilize the latest versions of the Root® and Patient
SafetyNet™ medical systems, with expanded capabilities, to monitor
patients in near real-time and integrate retrospective data to help
facilitate the best outcomes for patients and standardize care. Both Root®
and Patient SafetyNet™ are manufactured by Masimo.

Root is a powerful expandable bedside monitoring platform and
connectivity hub that integrates an array of non-invasive medical
technologies and medical devices to provide multimodal monitoring and
connectivity solutions in a single, clinician-centric platform. Root’s
plug-and-play capabilities allows Voorhees Pediatric Facility and
Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital clinicians to simplify
patient monitoring by bringing together all of a patient’s vital signs
(respiration rate, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, end-tidal CO2,
temperature and blood pressure) into one easy-to-interpret, customizable
display empowering our clinicians with important information for making
patient assessments. Root, working in conjunction with Patient
SafetyNet, also automates the transfer of patient data, including vital
signs, early warning scores and other physiological parameters directly
to electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Patient SafetyNet is a remote monitoring and notification system which
allows patient monitoring data that is gathered and integrated at the
bedside to display near real-time information on a supplemental central
viewing station. When changes occur that may indicate deterioration in a
patient’s condition, Patient SafetyNet automatically alerts clinical
staff enabling them to respond quickly to patients in potential distress.

“We’re very excited about how these systems and technologies are proving
to be a great fit into our organizations,” said Trish Cunningham, RRT,
Clinical Director of Respiratory Care at Voorhees Pediatric Facility and
Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital. “We can now determine if a
patient is improving or deteriorating quickly and Root allows us to take
immediate action to put the proper protocols in place to help our

Voorhees Pediatric Facility has 120 Root units, one for each patient
resident, and Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital has eight units
for more medically-fragile patients. Every patient with monitoring needs
has their own Root unit, eliminating the need to share monitoring
equipment, thereby increasing infection control.

Come summer 2019, both Voorhees Pediatric Facility and Weisman
Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital will integrate their mechanical
ventilators into the Masimo system, utilizing the system’s enhanced
monitoring capabilities. They will also functionalize Root’s Early
Warning Score calculation, which in addition to helping clinicians
identify patient deterioration, will enable customized messages based on
protocol to prompt next steps, resulting in timely escalation of care.
The organizations are already noticing improvements in patient care and
will be working together to share outcomes.

Mike Rosiak, Chief Operating Officer of Voorhees Pediatric Facility and
Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital said, “We aim to provide the
best possible care for our children. Masimo’s Root and Patient SafetyNet
medical systems allow us to best serve our medically-fragile children
and enable them to reach their full potential.”

About Voorhees Pediatric Facility

Voorhees Pediatric Facility is a nationally recognized pediatric
specialty care center that offers 121 in-patient beds and the largest
freestanding pediatric ventilator program in the country. Our mission
and vision is to advance the full life potential of medically fragile
children and to set the national standard for excellence in pediatric
long-term specialized care. Voorhees Pediatric Facility has expanded its
offerings to include: The Bancroft School at Voorhees Pediatric
Facility, an on-site private school for medically fragile/technology
dependent children; Voorhees Pediatric Facility Medical Daycare for
children with skilled nursing needs and Voorhees Pediatric
Rehabilitation Services (VPRS), providing educational based therapy to
local school districts.

About Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital

Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital is a highly-acclaimed
community-based pediatric specialty organization consisting of an acute
rehabilitation hospital, outpatient rehabilitation centers and medical
day care centers; focused solely on the needs of infants, children,
teens and young adults in South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia
area. Weisman Children’s is known for delivering an individualized and
unique family-centered approach to patient care. With a holistic
approach to treatment, we give our patients every opportunity to reach
their fullest potential. By including family and caregivers, our
extraordinary team of pediatric specialists form a community of support
and care around each patient which is essential to their success. This
approach reinforces our belief that anything is possible.


Leigh Fazzina
Fazzina & Co. Communications Consulting, Inc.