Open Platform Solution Will Make Running and Protecting Applications

a leader in enterprise cloud computing, today announced Nutanix Mine, a
new open solution that integrates secondary storage operations with the
Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, delivering a complete platform for
primary and secondary storage within the private cloud. Through native
integration with industry-leading backup vendors Veeam, HYCU, Commvault,
Veritas and Unitrends, customers will be able to manage their HCI
environment and backup operations from a single management console,
reducing the operational cost and complexity of standalone back-up and
recovery solutions. Mine will streamline overall deployment, and
simplify the full lifecycle of data backup operations, including
on-going management, scaling and troubleshooting – all while preserving
the customer’s freedom to choose the right back-up service for their
particular infrastructure environment.

to Gartner,

“There are many challenges with current backup and
recovery solutions deployed today. The top concerns are most often
related to the cost, complexity and capability.” Gartner goes on to
state, “These costs often continue to rise despite overall cost
improvements in the IT industry, and many organizations continue to
perceive backup as an expensive insurance policy.”1

As companies modernize their datacenter with HCI to realize the
simplicity, performance and scalability needed to run modern
applications, their backup and data protection strategies have remained
siloed from their core datacenter environment. With Nutanix Mine,
customers will be able to converge secondary storage operations into the
Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform to deliver intelligent data backup
services for all business applications. Integrated with Nutanix’s native
HCI data fabric that provides intelligent tiering and advanced data
reduction capabilities, Mine will enable enterprises to choose the best
data backup software for their organization, optimized for their Nutanix
HCI environment; reducing the time and expense of configuring standalone
secondary storage solutions.

“Backup and recovery strategies are often regarded as a painful
necessity for most businesses because of their complexity and lack of
integration into the overall IT infrastructure. Even more modern
solutions, which tout the same customer-centric principles of
hyperconverged infrastructure, only address the challenges of the
secondary storage environment,” said Phil Goodwin, Research Director,
Cloud Data Management for Protection at IDC. “With more applications and
use cases converging on a single platform within the private cloud,
integrating secondary storage tightly with primary datacenter operations
introduces even more flexibility and ease-of-use for customers.”

“As companies modernize their datacenter, they look to new solutions
which make it easy to run business critical applications, eliminating
silos and reducing complexity in their private cloud environment so IT
can serve as the foundation of business success,” said Carey Stanton,
Vice President of Global Alliancesat Veeam. “By integrating our software
so closely with Nutanix through Mine, we’re delivering our joint
customers a full platform for their primary and secondary storage needs,
dramatically reducing the complexity of running and protecting

Embracing an open platform strategy, Nutanix Mine will integrate with
popular back-up solutions from Veeam, HYCU, Commvault, Veritas and
Unitrends. Through tight integration with Nutanix’s HCI data fabric and
advanced Prism management console, Mine will provide:

  • A reduction in the complexity of separate systems to back-up and
    recover business data, so secondary storage can be managed as easily
    as primary data storage
  • The simplification of the full lifecycle of data backup operations,
    including initial sizing and procurement, streamlined installation,
    and easy provisioning of the full solution, and
  • The ability to easily scale-out both primary and secondary storage to
    accommodate business growth

“The hyperconverged market’s rapid growth is largely attributable to its
promise of modernizing infrastructure and reducing complexity by
eliminating silos within the datacenter. But even as customers embraced
HCI, the secondary storage silo persisted,” said Sunil Potti, Chief
Product and Development Officer, Nutanix. “With Nutanix Mine, customers
will get all the benefits of collapsing this silo into a single platform
– reduced management complexity, simplified operations and reduced TCO –
without the requirement that they forgo the backup solution best suited
for their business needs.”

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Nutanix Mine with Veeam, sold by Nutanix, and Nutanix Mine with HYCU are
expected to be available in calendar 2H of 2019. Nutanix Mine with
Commvault, Veritas and Unitrends is expected to be available in a future

(1) Gartner, “Report Highlight for Market Trends: Expand Your
Software-Defined Storage Market by Leveraging Backup and Archiving”, by
Santanu Patro, July 2018, ID G00367503

Supporting Quotes:

“Our customers use our technology to protect their most critical
applications, but have felt the pain points of having their data backup
operate in a silo, separate from the rest of their datacenter,” said
Brian Brockway, Global CTO and VP, Commvault. “With Nutanix Mine, those
customers will be able to integrate their Commvault backup deployments
into the same platform as their primary storage environment and under
the same management plane, eliminating the complexity of siloed

“Nutanix and Veritas help enterprise customers abstract the complexity
of managing infrastructure and data for on-premises, hybrid, and
multi-cloud environments,” said Cameron Bahar, Veritas Technologies CTO.
“Our customers can leverage Veritas’ enterprise data services platform
to manage unforeseen business risks and protect their data while
benefiting from tight integrations with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
Platform, giving them a unified view of their datacenter operations.”

“It is critical for our customers to make sure that they are striking a
balance between a reliable data protection solution that also simplifies
IT processes, without sacrificing the solutions that work for their
business,” said Joseph Noonan, Vice President of Products and Marketing,
Unitrends. “Through Nutanix Mine, our customers will benefit from a
solution which allows them to combine two things they love in their
datacenter – the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform and Unitrends Backup
Software – so they can manage their primary and secondary storage from
within a single platform. It gives them the choice to pick the solution
that best fits for their environment while at the same time simplifying
their broader IT operations.”

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