EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services, today announced that its platform TelescopeAI is a winner in the 2019 BIG Innovation Awards presented by the Business Intelligence Group. TelescopeAI is an extensive, modular platform that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses gain a comprehensive view of IT operations and drive better decision-making by delivering deeper insights.

“With so many moving parts in a complex business, finding the right data to make informed decisions and respond quickly with more agility can be overwhelming. By leveraging technologies like AI, machine learning and predictive analytics, TelescopeAI gives business leaders the foresight and clarity necessary to manage critical IT operations and complex IT processes,” said Jitin Agarwal, VP, Enterprise Products, EPAM. “This recognition by the Business Intelligence Group highlights TelescopeAI’s innovation in helping distributed technology teams unlock valuable IT insights.”

With 30+ modular applications, dozens of connectors and 50+ configurable widgets, TelescopeAI seamlessly integrates into existing platforms and systems of record, helping leaders manage teams and people within the IT organization, build transparency around processes, foster employee and client engagement, and ensure enterprise-wide compliance. By optimizing tech teams and IT projects with TelescopeAI, businesses can ensure high-quality delivery for their stakeholders.

Organizations from across the globe, like EPAM, submitted their recent innovations for consideration in the BIG Innovation Awards. Nominations were then judged by a select group of business leaders and executives who volunteer their time and expertise to score submissions.

“This year’s winners show just how deep a role innovation plays in nearly every aspect of business,” said Maria Jimenez, chief operating officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “We are thrilled to be honoring EPAM’s TelescopeAI as they are leading by example and making real progress on improving the daily lives of so many.”

To learn more about TelescopeAI, visit www.telescopeai.com.