I am not a big coffee drinker or fun of coffee, as the high amount of caffeine doesn’t suits to my body. However, I find important that the coffee industry is evolving, more and more mixtures and lower caffeine products or mixtures of super foods have been launched in the previous years.

More, as we are entering into the years of healthy lifestyle, innovation in food and beverages and the precious CBD products, lots of countries’ legislation has been changed and the governments concluded that it is important to have legalized markets. The cannabidiol and medicinal cannabis market will have the Boom in the next years and of course the companies are prepared for this.

As we see there are more and more CBD based products, lots of innovations on this market to help people in their lifestyle and health issues.

Now we have CBD in our coffee and creamer! The Agraflora company, which has claimed that owns the world’s second largest cannabis cultivation recently came up, through the Natures Hemp company, who became independent last summer, with a hemp based product for your daily coffee!

This video shows a general information by Interviewing the General Manager Ruben Houweling about the Agraflora Organics’ cannabis growth and development with greenhouse technology

As Wikipedia is telling us, 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day. People loves coffee, not just the coffee bean taste, but more and more people are attached to the sophisticated tastes, adding creamer and new flavors which are pampering them.

For me this sounds really “huge”, as I use also plant-based creamers. Of course this product is full of nutrients, as hemp and CBD are super foods with high values, as we know.

The company is focusing on B2B and also B2C sells and I am sure there will be a great interest from people and companies side.

As a new product development, a creamer without THC, but plant-based, healthy, full of nutrients, also stabilize some health issues and preventing a lots of illness and sickness, it is a great start in the Coffee industry. The company also declared that the creamer “tastes good” and they are using whole seeds in the production process.


SOURCE: AgraFlora Organics International Inc.