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The Blockchain Convergence Summit: Chain Plus+ (Chain Plus) was held in South Koreaon January 23rd-24th, 2019. Contentos (COS) was one of the top projects invited to participate. Mick Tsai, co-founder of Contentos, gave a speech at the conference showcasing the accomplishments and growth potential of Contentos.

Mick says that the Contentos team is dedicated to building the largest public blockchain for digital content creators worldwide with, of course, the help of blockchain technology. By implementing blockchain infrastructure, Contentos designs easy-to-use digital contract templates for content producers across the world, and opens a window of opportunities for consumers to explore and understand blockchain use cases.

By exploring real world practices, Contentos plans to link the shared content pool and the user pool through a unified payment system, resolving pain points in the content industry so all stakeholder benefit from their interactions with one other.

Contentos has announced strategic partnerships with LiveMe (No.1 live streaming & social app in the U.S), Cheez (trending short form video app) and PhotoGrid (premier photo editor app), with a userbase of over 60 million users per month worldwide. Over 500,000 pieces of content are created daily and over 160 million pieces of content have been produced since the apps have launched.

Contentos is also led by a strong management team, with members hailing from Facebook, Google and other notable technology companies. Mick, co-founder of Contentos, was interviewed by MTN (Money Today Network), and disclosed that Contentos is backed by top venture funds including IDG Capital, Matrix, Binance Labs, and DHVC.

Since the start of 2019, Contentos has sponsored and attended several high-profile conferences and was invited to speak at industry summits including niTROn Summit 2019 and Binance Blockchain Week in Singapore, and recently Chain Plus Summit in Korea. Contentos’ roadshow is in full swing as it showcases its technological potential to become one of the most promising public blockchain projects in world; the team is determined to fire up the industry with impact and purpose.