The New Year has come. For some of us is a new chapter in our lives, and we really believe that only one day, one night will resolve our issues, or the old unwanted problems, that we had last year.

Well, the good thing is, we can create whatever we want if we believe in that. Therefore, it might be working for us.

Our roots (especially family and relatives), and the root chakra is important if we would like to start something new. It is important to let go the old energies and issues, wherever we would like to start something new. For some of us, the “NEW” means new friends, new people, new job, new home, new diet, new clothes, new exercises, or start a new business etc.

Speaking about diet, I just want to provide a simple recipe, which will help to release the root chakra, also to refresh our body. It is simple, affordable, healthy and it helps in grounding.

Grounding is always important until we are dealing with old and new issues. Therefore, the root kind of food and vegetables are the best to start. It is important to use organic ingredients or vegetable and fruits washer.

The energetic salad from roots

We try to use raw and natural ingredients

– Carrot

– Celery root

– Parsley root

– Greek mint

Sprinkle ingredients with very little organic apple vinegar or lemon juice and agave syrup.

Serve decorated with Italian lettuce.