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Averon, a US-based software technology company focusing on innovative ways of access to various devices, has introduced MagicLogin™. The new tool allows users to circumvent lengthy account setup processes and enable them to create an account in a hassle-free manner, which can be used to log in and link to various apps and online services.

MagicLogin will help brands multiply the conversion rates and improve user engagement by enabling consumers to create new accounts, log in to existing accounts, and securely link information by using a phone number as the unique account identifier, eliminating the need for passwords and lengthy registration processes.

MagicLogin provides a verified and simple one-tap process with the user’s mobile phone number as the user ID. The tool lets users automatically log in to existing accounts, create new accounts, and link an existing account to the MagicLogin solution.

Wendell Brown, chief executive officer of Averon, says: “What we are introducing today gives consumers the power to create a connected online identity through frictionless mobile access. While consumers see the benefit of a streamlined account experience, businesses see an increase in customer sign-ups, conversion rates, and penetration of mobile numbers tied to accounts—all while protecting privacy.”

The new solution has the potential to revolutionise both business operations and user experience.