AWS re:Invent 2018 –To accelerate production of enterprise blockchain networks, Kaleido, in collaboration with ConsenSys and Amazon Web Services (AWS), is offering the first production-ready, consortium level plans that cater to diverse needs.

Seventy-eight percent of executives say they stand to lose competitive advantage if they don’t eventually implement blockchain technology (Deloitte). But the nature of blockchain networks, which require a high level of cooperation and shared governance across the network participants, present the challenge of implementing a solution that balances the demands of core network maintainers with the more lightweight needs of smaller network participants.

Most enterprise blockchain use cases depend on having an easy, efficient, and cost effective way to onboard new members, without inducing friction from technology adoption. Kaleido’s new tiered plans allow organizations to do just that.

“Real world value chains, supply chains and business networks are very complicated and diverse, and growing them is all about network effects,” Steve Cerveny, Founder and CEO of Kaleido says. “A key challenge our clients face in getting to production is how to engage and onboard their entire ecosystem of participants. We’ve taken a unique approach to this challenge with Kaleido’s right-sized subscription plans, which are designed to work together. This gives our clients the critical flexibility they need to create compelling network effects within their ecosystem.”

For example, komgo, a commodity trade and finance network, started with 15 core members including Citi, ING, Koch Supply & Trading, MUFG Bank, Societe Generale, Credit Agricole Group, BNP Paribas, Shell and others. As network validators, they require a heavy duty enterprise solution. Yet as Komgo scales by bringing on additional smaller network participants, those new players will now have the flexibility to join with more lightweight enterprise plans.

In another example, Project i2i, a payment network built on Ethereum which connects rural community banks in the Philippines, successfully grew its network from 6 participating banks in April to 110 banks signed up today. Project i2i is on pace to have 480 rural banks and 2,600 branches in the region onboard by early next year. Leveraging Kaleido’s spectrum of blockchain capabilities will allow the diverse partners within i2i to scale together.

“Kaleido has quickly become an established enterprise technology vendor and its Blockchain Business Cloud serves as a ‘turnkey’ solution for full stack blockchain implementations – leveraging AWS’s plethora of developer-friendly services to provide an environment where much of the heavy lifting is done, not only around the provisioning of blockchain – but also concerning related components of a typical technology stack,” says Craig Wentworth, Blockchain Analyst at MWD Advisors.

Organizations and developers can start the blockchain journey by exploring and running proof of concepts on Kaleido’s free starter plan and add capabilities as their projects grow.

“At Atato, we were able to quickly get up and running on Kaleido’s entry level tier to launch an innovative traceability program for our client Pacifical, the tuna marketing development company of the 9 PNA Pacific Island countries. We now enable the tracking of several hundred million certified sustainable tuna products each year. Their origins are traced,verified, and published with MSC certification data using the blockchain,” Guillaume Le Saint, Director at Atato, the Bangkok-based blockchain service provider, shares.

Once enterprises are ready to collaborate and bring additional participants into their network, they can scale to a more comprehensive plan with Kaleido, giving them the ability to onboard new members, with the right economics.

The Small & Medium Business Exchange (SMBX), which offers a blockchain based exchange for issuing, buying, and selling small business bonds to community investors, uses Kaleido to underpin its own platform. “Since we are running this marketplace on behalf of the SMBX community, Kaleido has helped us get to market with our solution in fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost with a plan that is perfect for our needs,” says Benjamin Lozano, SMBX CEO.

Kaleido’s Blockchain Business Cloud platform and its enterprise plans are now available at