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US Pre-orders Begin 1st November 2018 After SXFI AMP Launches in Singapore with Thousands of Early Customers Blown Away and a Bevy of Rave Reviews from Major Mainstream Media and Tech Reviewers

Creative today announced that it would begin taking pre-orders for its SXFI AMP in the US beginning 1st November 2018, after it had achieved impressive customer satisfaction figures at launch in Singapore with its Super X-Fi Headphone Holography.

The SXFI AMP is the first manifestation of the Super X-Fi technology that won multiple awards, including the Best of CES 2018 Award (AVS Forum). The SXFI AMP was snapped up in record numbers during the first few hours of its launch and has achieved a very high satisfaction number, with over 99% of customers impressed with its performance, way above industry norms.

The SXFI AMP is the best of two worlds; it combines Super X-Fi technology with a premium high-performance headphone amplifier in a dongle no larger than a finger.

“We’re stoked at the response we’ve had since we launched Super X-Fi. Thousands of people have dropped by Creative HQ over the last few weeks to collect their SXFI AMP. We walked them through a personalization service and a series of hands on demos. The team took this wonderful opportunity to interact personally with all of them, and has seen how they responded to Super X-Fi. We obtained the satisfaction rate from this sizable group of random customers from all walks of life. Many mentioned that they got goosebumps listening to the magic of Super X-Fi, while others were shocked that even mono music tracks were made to sound like a ‘live’ concert,” said Darran Nathan, Business Director of Super X-Fi.

“We are proud to share that over 99% of folks who bought the SXFI AMP are very satisfied! This is way beyond my wildest dreams. Honestly, I would have been ecstatic if we had achieved anything close to 80%. For this we would like to say a big thank you to all our customers for their support. This is what the team has worked so hard for. To make your headphone experience sound as good as the real thing,” said Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative Technology, and creator of Super X-Fi.

“For the remaining less than 1%, I’m not giving up on winning them over. From the recent interactions in Singapore, we now understand their needs better. We believe we can scale Super X-Fi technology to suit them, while maintaining the magic.”

“This is just the beginning of a very exciting journey. It’s still early days yet, in a small market like Singapore. Just like the transition of black and white TV to color TV, it’s my personal goal to let every headphone user on this planet enjoy the magic of Super X-Fi. Since CES 2018 Las Vegas, we have had a huge number of enquiries in the US about its availability, and we are going to make this exciting technology available in the US now,” added Sim.

Established Tech Reviewers from the mainstream press, as well as from tech blog sites were also blown away by the SXFI AMP, with many accrediting it with an ‘Editor’s Choice,’ and other top honors:

“Whether playing games, watching movies or listening to music, my audio experience went up several notches with the Amp. With each device, it delivered realistic surround sound with jaw-dropping accuracy … The Creative Super X-Fi Amp is a glimpse into this headphone holography technology that works really well and is truly magical.”
– Trevor Tan, Deputy Tech Editor, Straits Times, giving the SXFI AMP ‘The Straits Times Tech Editor’s Choice’ award with the article ‘Sound of the future

“Listening to some of Michael Jackson’s hits reminded me of my youth when I closed the door to blast them out on my (pretty good) hi-fi system. Movies sounded so much better, while music videos and concert recordings practically induced goose bumps. Audio tunes came across very well too, and nothing seemed to frazzle or throw off the Super X-Fi magic.’
– Paul Mah, South China Morning Post, from the article ‘Creative SXFI Amp review: stunning sound that will change your headphone experience

“The Singapore company, which had made its name in digital audio all those years ago before it was a thing, calls the technology a “miracle,” after all. Well, after trying it out for more than a week, I’m here to tell you that the hype is justified – mostly. The sound is truly impressive, with the potential of making modestly priced earphones come across as surprisingly open, natural and detailed in their presentation.”
– Alfred Siew, Editor, TechGoondu, from the article, Goondu review: Creative brings the magic in its groundbreaking SXFI amp, giving the SXFI AMP the ‘Editor’s Choice Award’.

“The million dollar question is: Does the SXFI Amp lives up to Creative’s hype? I have to say, it does. When it’s turned on, the sound expands outward, like what you’d hear in a home theater setup.”
– Aloysius Low, CNET, from the article: “The mind-blowing Creative SXFI Amp is here at last, Creative’s magical holography tech is real