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By 2021, 9 out of 10 Internet users in India will be an Indian language user. Without a strong vernacular marketing strategy, brands will be unable to tap into the limitless potential of India’s next billion Internet users. In light of the growing importance of a multilingual approach, Social Beat is excited to announce the launch of its new platform, 22 Languages . Suneil Chawla, Co Founder, Social Beat spoke during the launch, “Through our innovative platform, brands can create content in multiple languages that resonates with diverse audience segments to grow their customer base. 22 Languages creates a user experience designed specifically for India’s growing Internet audience through a large network of native content strategists and creators.”

How 22 Languages works   

Speaking about the launch, Arushi Gupta, who heads 22 Languages mentioned, “Creating a strong multilingual strategy isn’t about simply translating your existing messaging into a number of different languages.”

As Internet connectivity and availability of affordable smartphones in tier and tier 3 towns increase, many brands will witness a shift in their target markets. Speaking to these growing audiences involves a deep understanding of their interests, lifestyles and culture.

Arushi added, “22 Languages helps brands gear up for this changing market, right from the strategy, campaign ideation, communication to monitoring the campaign. 22 Languages will work with brands to identify their biggest target market, understand the consumers within it and identify the languages to speak to them in. Be it for their social media, video content, performance ads or even websites and mobile applications.”

Based on extensive consumer and online research, a vernacular strategy will be finalized for the brand that will deliver maximum results. The native language writers on the platform will create content developed specifically for this audience for a vernacular approach that a brand’s consumers can actually connect with. Once the campaign has been launched, the results will be monitored and optimization done based on the same.

Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder, Social Beat spoke, “At Social Beat, we have launched multilingual campaigns for several of our key clients with astounding results. These campaigns offer indisputable proof that the future of digital marketing is multilingual.”

Case Study: End-to-end vernacular strategy for Casagrand

The key to generating qualified leads through a multilingual approach is to ensure that there is consistency in every touch point of the customer’s journey. For the launch of Casagrand’s latest residential project, we developed a comprehensive end-to-end vernacular strategy. From the digital ads to the landing pages to the final sales call with the customer; all communication was conducted in Tamil, the language their target audience was most comfortable with. This approach helped us achieve a 90% growth in leads for Casagrand along with a 60% decrease in cost-per-lead.

Case Study: Increased sales and penetration for Himalaya

Around 7 in 10 Indian Internet users trust digital content in their local language more than English content. With this statistic guiding our marketing strategy, we developed a multilingual app for Himalaya, along with using multilingual content on packaging of products. This approach allowed us to reach even the smallest tier 3 and tier 4 towns in India, achieving higher sales for Himalaya. Through multilingual content, we were also able to widen and diversify Himalaya’s consumer base.

Vikas Chawla added, “Vernacular content is essential for brands across sectors and across digital platforms. 22 Languages is the perfect tool for brands looking to engage with India’s next billion Internet users. This tool is also an important step towards our goal of being amongst the top 10 digital marketing solutions companies in India by Mar 2020, with a revenue of $10M. We have already launched our influencer marketing platform ( and the second product will help the organisation scale up further.”

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