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A survey conducted among 2,000 pet owners by Wag!, the app that facilitates on-demand mobile dog walking, has revealed that 85 per cent of pet owners rate hiring a dog walker is equally important as hiring a child care giver. The survey also found that often people tend to show appreciation of the dog walkers’s good work beyond tips, with 80 per cent of the sample saying that they have given them a gift.

The survey lists the following  health, wellness and companionship benefits for dog walkers:

Stress Reduction: Several studies have proven that dogs decrease stress levels. Simply petting or playing with a dog reduces the stress hormone, cortisol. Physical activity is also a stress reliever.

Heart Health: A healthy heart is also a side benefit of spending time with dogs. Studies have shown that petting a dog lowers people’s heart rate. Plus, regular walks and exercise improve heart health, so all in all dog walking is a win-win.

Socialising: A study published in the British Journal of Psychology found people are three times more likely to chat with some accompanied by a dog, further enhancing one’s social life.