With the Upcoming Release of iOS 12, Keeper Password Manager’s KeeperFill™ Allows for Seamless Password Autofill


Keeper Security, Inc., the leading creator of zero-knowledge security solutions, Keeper Password Manager and KeeperChat, today announced they are fully integrated with Apple’s upcoming iOS 12 Password Manager API. After the announcement at WWDC back in June, our team has been working closely with Apple to configure Keeper Password Manager’s proprietary KeeperFill™ technology into the latest operating system.

If you’re not familiar with KeeperFill™, it’s a feature that allows you to easily autofill Keeper record information in mobile apps and browsers. With this integration, available on iOS 12, you’ll be able to access all your Keeper passwords directly from the QuickType bar in apps and in Safari. Additionally, this new method gives the user control over which account they’re logging into (for those managing multiple logins) and the user is always securely authenticated into their Keeper Vault before given the selection of which record to use for login.

“This new password manager API integration is something we’ve been anticipating since it was announced at WWDC,” says Craig Lurey, CTO and Co-Founder of Keeper Security. “Our number one priority is security, but a close second is convenience, and with this integration, our customers get the security of Keeper and the ease of use of KeeperFill™ across ALL devices.”