The Coral One, a powerful 2-in-1 vacuum robot, will deliver the first injection of true innovation to the vacuum robot category in years

Coral, a new human-centric robotics company that will provide an ecosystem of robotic products thoughtfully designed to enhance consumers’ lives, launched today with the presale of its first product, the Coral One. Co-founded in March 2018 by brothers Ted and George Ko, the Los Angeles-based company will change the way consumers approach daily chores by efficiently using robotics.

Coral was inspired by Ted and George’s individual passions in the design, technology, and music spaces, as well as firsthand knowledge from their family’s robotics business. The duo leveraged their learnings from the company and applied unique experiences from their own design, engineering, and creative backgrounds to create Coral to change the way people think about robots, and what humans and robots can achieve when they work together.

“With Coral, our focus was centered around developing a brand with strong core values.  We are empathetic to human needs and committed to creating robotics that people want to use by keeping the human perspective at the forefront of the conversation,” says Coral co-founder George Ko. “Technology has not only changed the way we work, but it is changing the way we live and how we behave, Coral is going to revolutionize the home space for the robotics industry with a collection of items people can interact with daily.”

Coral co-founder Ted Ko states “the goal is to build ecosystems with robots in the future.  What is most important to us as a brand is that we are improving people’s lives, efficiency and peace of mind by empowering and helping people in any way possible while staying accessible.  The Coral One accomplishes exactly that.”

Robot for the everyday; handheld for the here and there, Coral hopes to empower people to achieve more with purpose-driven robots. The brand will launch with the Coral One, the only 2-in-1 vacuum robot on the market that brings the first true innovation to the category in years with cutting edge technology. Equipped with a handheld component and nozzle accessories, it delivers cleaning power that extends beyond the floor, so consumers can clean a wide variety of surfaces, from the creases of their sofa to their curtains and countertops.

The vacuum robot also navigates each space it cleans using an internal computer that helps map out the floor plan, while sensors enable it to determine the most efficient cleaning path and prevent it from bumping in to objects. Cyclonic technology and high-power fans ensure the most powerful suction, and the custom-built wheels and modules guarantee the Coral One can easily climb over floor transitions and any uneven surfaces.

Additional features of the Coral One include:

  • Two primary cleaning modes; Standard mode is best for solid surfaces and Turbo is best for a deep clean or thicker surface.
  • Up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted battery life in Standard mode and 30 minutes in Turbo mode; the handheld attachment offers 30 minutes of cleaning time.
  • A daily timer on the docking station, which allows users to program a routine daily cleaning; the vacuum robot will return to the docking station once it has completed its cleaning or needs to recharge.

The Coral One retails in two colors, Pearl and Onyx, and will be available for a preorder price of $649online at  Shipment begins in October 2018 and thereafter the Coral One will be available for purchase for $699 and will ship throughout the United States.

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