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Just recently, the Swiss technology firm known for its breakthrough Dynamic PhotoDiodes (DPDs) have revealed that they have signed an agreement with a top semiconductor company for the integration and licensing of the DPD into their Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). (read more here)

Given our curiosity into the subject, we thought we touch base with team at ActLight to get some insights about this deal and possible some updates about the company. It’s our honor to present the short interview we had today with Serguei Okhonin, CEO and Co-Founder at ActLight.

You have recently announced the signing of a new partnership with a top semiconductor company for the integration and licensing of your Dynamic PhotoDiodes. Could you specify what this means to the future of wearable devices?

Serguei: The demand for vital signs monitoring sensors is growing at an accelerated pace with a need for innovative sensor technologies and the announced collaboration with a prestigious semiconductor company will deliver to the market the new world-class sensing solution that will enhance the vital signs monitoring experience of the wearable device’s users. Our sensors are smaller, low cost and consume less energy, which favor miniaturization and enhance battery life of wearable and hearable devices without impacting measurements precision.

Your company operates in the Internet of Things (IoT) market and has a special focus on mobile and wearable devices, healthcare/medtech, autonomous driving, drones and robotics. Can you share with our readers the latest improvements that are in the portfolio of your company and are available for consumers around the world?

Serguei: Our technology roadmap is in constant development and we are currently focusing on more than one development, including a compact sensor array for 3D imaging to be used in smartphones.

What can we expect from you company in the near future? As far as we read, you are exhibiting your innovative light sensing technology at the European Imaging Sensor Summit this September.

Serguei: Innovation and differentiated solutions are in high demand and will continue to perform according to it. ActLight is committed to deliver the market with new light sensing technologies and, later this month, we will announce our most recent breakthrough development, stay tuned!

To read more about their product or to get in touch with Serguei and the team, make sure to visit