User Enthusiasm in Top App Market Fuels Meitus Global Expansion

SEOUL, South KoreaJuly 18, 2018 — Meitu, a photo enhancement app by Meitu Inc., is now the most popular mobile app by number of downloads for both iOS and Android users in the highly competitive South Korean market.

With the word “Meitu” being one of the most frequently searched words, Meitu reached the number one position in South Korea’s iOS App Store download charts for both the “All App” and “Photo and Video” categories. In the country’s Google Play Store, the Meitu app is also the most downloaded app in the “Photo” category. These are all strong signs of the app’s growing popularity.

“The number one position of our Meitu app in South Korea is another important milestone in our company’s global expansion”, said Wu Xinhong, Meitu’s founder and CEO. “Meitu will continue to develop exciting new products that appeal to local markets, inspiring more people across the globe to express their beauty in their own unique way,” he continued.

Meitu’s research shows that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) illustration function featured in its app is one of the biggest draws among its South Korean users. Dubbed “Andy the ArtBot”, the feature turns real life human photos into stunning illustrations instantly. It achieves this by deconstructing and reconstituting human facial features while its intelligent segmentation technology recognizes and separates the person from the background, resulting in a unique virtual painting.

The number of new users in South Korea using the “Andy the ArtBot” function increased by 1,175% for July compared to last month. The daily increase of new users of the Meitu App reached 580% compared to June 2018.

About Meitu

Established in October 2008, Meitu is a leading AI-driven mobile internet company headquartered in China. With a mission to inspire more people to express their beauty, the company has developed a rich portfolio of software and smart hardware products around the concept of beauty, including Meitu, BeautyCam, Meipai (a short-form video community app) and Meitu Smartphones.

Meitu has amassed over 1.5 billion unique users worldwide, with over one third coming from outside China. As of February 2018, Meitu engages 454.7 million MAUs. With the largest database of human portraits on the planet, Meitu is exploring how AI may be harnessed in the pursuit of beauty. According to App Annie, Meitu has repeatedly ranked as one of the top eight iOS non-game app developers globally between June, 2014 and January, 2017.

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