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La Jolla, California, Dec. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Christian Corah is the CEO of Fidelity Business Advisors, a prominent financial services company based out of La Jolla, California. The company specializes in financial products ranging from small starter loans, equipment financing, merchant cash advance, to all the way up to big business loans including government-backed SBA loans of the multi-million dollar category. 

Christian Corah Orange County had launched the company after the crash in the real estate market and since then, it has served thousands of satisfied customers and enjoys a great BBB rating thanks to its hassle-free loans processing and vastly knowledgeable staff who help businesses choose the right financing options for their requirements. 

As a business individual working in a highly competitive field and where things are changing rapidly from day to day, Corah believes in staying nimble, flexible and alert so one can always find himself in a better position to recognize the new opportunities, market vacuums, and the better, if not the best, way of doing things. This is the mantra behind his success, believes the young businessman from Orange County. 

A native of Poway, California, Christian Corah Orange County was a serious enthusiast of Lacrosse during his high school days and pursued the game with passion and this saw him winning several awards in the sport both in high school and at college. However, once he finished college in 2002, graduating from the University of San Diego, Christian Corah opted for a career in finance and channeled all his energy and passion towards that. 

Beginning his career in the student loan sector, Christian Corah met with immediate success, assisting many college graduates in consolidating their student loans approved within the Federal Family Education Loan Program. 

With this early experience of working as a student loan officer under his belt, Christian Corah then moved to work in the consumer finance sector with the company Union Fidelity Mortgage. Here, Corah again excelled in his responsibilities as a residential loan officer. However, his career in the consumer finance was cut short by the real estate crash of 2008 whereupon he started his new job, this time in the commercial finance sector helping business owners with short term loans as well as those with long term capital needs, assisting the latter to get approved for SBA loans. 

Now, as the owner of his individual business, Christian Corah asserts that creativity and the ability to move first are the two most important qualities to succeed as a businessman, especially in this day when everything is overwhelmingly regulated by rapid advancements in technology. 

One must able to spot where the opportunities are and should move quickly to leverage those opportunities towards their own advancement, Corah affirms. He cites the blockchain technology as an example and is of the opinion that this technology comes with immense potential and possesses the power to transform businesses and our lives in general in ways that cannot be even properly foreseen at the present. 

Christian Corah Orange County is also someone who believes in the “Just Do It” mantra. He maintains that one shouldn’t think too much before taking his first step since this implies the risk of getting caught by inertia by overthinking things too much. Instead, he would rather jump in once the opportunity arises and then make adjustments on the go, according to the demand of the situation. 

This approach has its inherent risks, he concedes, and one may suffer temporary setbacks. But in the fast-changing business landscape of today, this is the only approach that he believes can reach one to success. 

Finally, the successful entrepreneur reveals that apart from this general approach, two practices that have always stood him in good stead as an entrepreneur is one, always writing down immediately every new idea that comes to his head and two, utilization of lists, something that greatly helps one in monitoring progress and in prioritizing things.

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