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Singapore, Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — Ovato Digital Cash (, a peer to peer digital currency focused on strategic use cases for the adoption and usage of its coin, announced today that the coin will be listed on Lukki ( as its first exchange listing.

Under the terms of the agreement and exclusive to Lukki members only, Ovato will be available for an exchange offering commencing September 25, 2019. At such time up to $750,000 USD will be available for sale in the following tranches.

Tranche 1- $300,000 (Max) Base Price $2.00-Bonus 66%- Net Price $1.20 (Effective)

Tranche 2- $450,000 (Max) Base price $2.00- Bonus 42%- Net Price $1.40 (Effective)

Interested parties are encouraged to click the link below:

Exchange Offering

About Lukki

With a user base focused in Asia and Europe, Lukki exchange provides an excellent launchpad forum for companies looking to springboard into the secondary markets. Lukki is designed in such a way that you can start your trading path with maximum comfort and all the necessary tools.

About Ovato
Ovato is creating an ecosystem for the currency. By creating a suite of strategic partnerships covering all forms of digital commerce prevalent in today’s centralized financial society, Ovato is providing users a better way to exchange value in low fee microtransactions, large business transactions, and permissionless spending on the blockchain. Based in Singapore, Ovato is managed and operated by the architects and engineers at Ovato, Pte. Ltd. 

Ovato is building a digital currency that will enable users to transact in seconds and be confirmed in minutes; A reliable network that will run without congestion allowing users to send globally in seconds for virtually pennies. It’s simple and easy to use, providing a stable payment system to store value using secure blockchain technology.

Ovato has facilitated the partnering of the Ovato coin using a suite of strategic distribution partners to ensure the mass adoption of the coin including the following:

• Rewards and Rebates ( launching Oct 15th)
• Social Influencing
• Travel Club ( launching Oct 20th)
• Gaming
• Auction

Contact Information
Facebook A:
Facebook B:

Technical: [email protected]
Partnerships: [email protected]