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Getting the faux tan that looks perfect and natural is quite the challenge. You might think that you have chosen the right product, and you have a good idea about the technique, but then, you start noticing the streaks on the elbow and legs after you’re done.

Besides, blotchy limbs are not the only thing you have to be worried about when getting a self-tan. What if the tan doesn’t stick after all this effort?

Relax and stop worrying because here is a detailed outline of the steps you need to follow to get that sun-kissed goddess look. So, let’s get started!

These 5 steps are the keys to the apt self-tan. So, follow them without a second thought!

Step 1. Choosing the right tanning product 

The truth is that not every tanning product out there is going to give you great results. You need to find the right one through trial and error, reviews, and research. The best thing you can do for your skin is to get a fragrance-free and non-sensitizing formula. 

The high amounts of alcohol and fragrance contained in some self-tanners can make your skin suffer in the long run. Consider the scent, the color payoff, and the price while buying. If you find something that doesn’t turn you orange or has the dreadful tan smell, then stick to that.

A good idea is to get a tanning lotion with bronzers. These lotions will give you a natural glow without the tingling sensations and discomfort. Moreover, these are affordable and offer faster results compared to other products. So, these reasons are enough for them to enjoy so much popularity in the world of faux tans. 


Step 2. Prepping your skin the right way 

You must have noticed that particular areas of the body tend to become darker than the other parts. Self-tanners soak over dry areas, such as elbows and knees. This is the reason why it’s important to moisturize the body before applying the tanning lotion. 

Your best bet is to go for an Aloe Vera based or water-based moisturizer because the ones with oil act as a barrier to the skin and make the self-tanner leave streaks. Wait for some time before the moisturizer gets absorbed in the skin completely, and then start applying the tanning lotion. 

It would help if you also took a shower, shave, and exfoliate before starting the process. Exfoliation and shaving will remove dead and dry skin cells that make the tan look patchy. Furthermore, don’t wear any deodorant or makeup before starting the process because that will get your skin irritated, and the tan will come out uneven. 


Step 3. The basic techniques for applying the tanning product

First off, don’t apply the tanning lotion with the bare hands because that will get you stuck with orange palms for days! Besides, you will get a better application by using a mitt. Now, apply the product in sweeping motions, as opposed to circular motions, because that will give you an even and flawless finish. 

A natural-looking tan can be achieved through making even and long strokes with the lotion. Don’t rub the product on your skin aggressively because that will only give you an uneven finish.

Do not let any tan seep right through by wearing latex gloves right from the start. You should start applying the product from your feet and then go up without missing any spot. Starting from the top and bending down to reach the legs and feet will lead to streaks and patchiness.


Step 4. Applying the tanning product to your face and hands

The process of applying a tanning product on the face and the hands is not that different, but there are a few points that you need to keep in mind. The cell turnover on the face is way faster than the other parts of the body. The process gets sped up even more when you use retinol or AHAs. So, you can incorporate a liquid tanning solution in the daily moisturizer to make the tan last.

No one wants stained elbows and knees, but patchy toes and knuckles are even worse than that. To make your tan look natural, use the residue of the product that is left on your mitt after the application. Make sure to tan your hands at the last. You can simply brush the mitt over your hands lightly, and you’re done


Step 5. Applying the tanning product to your back

Self-tanning the back all by yourself might feel a lot like acrobatics, and it’s too bad if you don’t have anyone to help you. You can try a few tricks to help yourself out. Keep the applicator side on the back of your hand by turning your mitt so that you have more flexibility while reaching your back. 

Otherwise, you can use tanning mists, instead of creams and lotions, for the back. You’ll simply have to spray it in the air and walk in the mist or spray it over the shoulder. 

Apply the product all over your body and let it dry out for a few minutes and go to bed. It is best to self-tan before hitting the bed because it takes at least eight hours for a tan to come up nicely. So, just go to bed happily and wake up with a glowing tan to go out with!