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“Hyundai Heavy Industries Group has grown into the world’s biggest shipbuilder for the past 50 years. Now, it will become a “Future Builder,” creating new values for humankind.”

Kisun Chung, CEO of Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings, presented the “Future Builder” as the group’s vision for the future during a press conference at CES 2022, the world’s largest technology trade show, which officially opened at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 5, 2022.

Kisun Chung, CEO of Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings, makes a presentation about the Group’s future vision “Future Builder” at a press conference held during CES in Las Vegas on January 5, 2022.

HHI Group held a press conference for the international press and Korean journalists at its booth in the West Hall of LVCC on January 5.

At the press conference, CEO Chung said, “I am proud of the past 50 years of HHI Group, which has laid the groundwork for the growth of the world. In the next 50 years, we will become the world’s best “Future Builder” and create new growth that is more sustainable, smarter, and more inclusive, something we have never seen before.”

CEO Chung’s presentation was followed by talks from Hyogyeong Joo, engineer of Avikus, Sungjoon Kim, head of Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE) Advanced Research Center, and Michael Ryu, chief strategy officer of Clue Insights, Hyundai Doosan Infracore’s AI solutions provider, on the vision and goals of Future Builder.

The HHI Group introduced Avikus autonomous navigation technology, liquid hydrogen transportation and propulsion system technology, and intelligent robotics and solution technology as the Group’s innovative technologies that will lead its three core businesses of shipbuilding & offshore engineering, energy and industrial machinery in the future.

Engineer Joo introduced Avikus’ autonomous navigation technology as a core technology that can reduce the likelihood of accidents at sea and drastically change maritime logistics and marine resource development. She said, “Avikus plans to have the world’s first self-driving, massive-scale transoceanic voyage by the first quarter of this year. Our mission is to enable fully autonomous navigation to create the safest and most intelligent ships.”

Sungjoon Kim, head of KSOE Advanced Research Center, presented the maritime hydrogen value chain as a solution to the energy crisis and climate change. He proposed green hydrogen production technology and liquid hydrogen carrier as core technologies that will increase the opportunities of the maritime hydrogen business. He announced that HHI Group plans to build a 100 MW green hydrogen production plant by 2025 and develop the world’s first 20,000 cubic meter hydrogen carrier.

Michael Ryu of Clue Insights, a developer of Big Data-based equipment management solutions for HHI Group, demonstrated the safe and efficient jobsite of the future realized through smart robotics technology. Hyundai Doosan Infracore and Hyundai Construction Equipment plan to launch intelligent construction robots and related platform services by 2025, aiming to realize unmanned construction sites. Hyundai Robotics also plans to launch service robots for various fields, including food and beverage and quarantine, to make people’s lives safer and richer by leveraging technologies accumulated in the industrial robot field.

An official from the Group said, “We are demonstrating HHI Group’s technological capabilities and future vision in the arena of technological innovation of global companies. While looking at the technology trends of global companies, we will actively seek opportunities for business partnership with them.”

Meanwhile, HHI Group on January 4 signed a memorandum of understanding with Palantir Technologies, a global leader in Big Data analytics, to build a Big Data platform for its core businesses such as shipbuilding and offshore engineering.