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If you’re living with little kids or if you have a big family, you need a special kind of dog. While most breeds can adapt and become great pets, particular breeds just have that natural knack and instincts which make them excellent family dogs. In this article, we will list 6 unique dog breeds that are the best family pooches. Their temperament, level of activity as well as general affection towards people puts them head & shoulders above others. Without further ado, here are those breeds!


For some reason, Poodles aren’t as appreciated, as they could be. Due to the somewhat eccentric look and their French heritage, Poodles are sometimes labelled as aristocratic and hard-to-deal-with dogs. Reality couldn’t be farther from that. Poodles may originate from French royals, but they’re quite possibly the smartest and friendliest dog breed in the world. Poodles are known for their loyalty, care and affection towards humans. They are also gentle around children and very mild-tempered which makes Poodles a great choice for both houses and apartments as well.

Poodles are labelled as hypoallergenic dogs and shedding is minimal. All in all, Poodles are obedient, smart, quite easy-going, not too active and very, very gentle. That’s everything you could ask for in a family dog.

Golden Retrievers & Labrador Retrievers 

If you count these two as entirely separate breeds, well, then the title of the article could be misleading. We will be then, in fact, listing 7 and not 6 great family dogs. Golden Retrievers and Labradors are very very similar with the only noticeable difference being the colour and the length of the coat.

Golden Retrievers have a longer, more yellow-ish coat. They’re very smart (one of the smartest dogs), have a very friendly and affectionate personality and superb patience. All of this is very necessary when you live with children. Golden Retrievers are also famous for their playfulness and obedience. 

Labrador Retrievers are much more of the same. 

These two breeds do require quite a bit of exercise. Also, if you have cats or other house pets in your home, or when guests are frequent, getting a Lab or a Golden Retriever is a smart choice. These two breeds are anti-socially awkward.


This exceptionally large and unique dog breed can be described as a gentle giant. It comes as no surprise then, that they’re nicknamed as “Nature’s Babysitters”. There are some people who fear getting a larger pet because large dogs automatically seem like bigger troublemakers and the more active type. Newfoundland’s aren’t at all like that. 

They love family, children and water. With the latter being their secret hobby. Newfoundland’s are known to be great swimmers and have been noted to save a few people’s lives here and there. Their huge stature helps out during rescue operations.

In addition, this breed is simple to train.  

Border Collies

Lassie? Now who could imagine a smarter friend than the iconic Border Collie? Originating from the British Isles, the Border Collie is this amazing breed which is versatile and super adaptable. Eager to please and very clever, the Border Collie will fit into your home, regardless of whether you’re expecting or already are raising multiple children. One small thing to note – Border Collies are herding dogs. They might have this same instinct to herd your children… It will seem fun to you, but it is strongly recommended to avoid forming this into a habit. However, not all Border Collies do that, but it can occur.

Just don’t forget about grooming. You’ll need the right set of items and accessories, beginning with a dog nail grinder, ending with dog shampoos. 


One of the most popular breeds – the Beagle is small, eager to please, playful, friendly and small. However, they do have the tendency to bark and they’re easily distracted due to the very heightened and strong sense of smell. After all, they were bred for hunting. This means that the Beagle, despite its small size, has tons of energy that you and your children can expend while playing and walking with them.

Exploration and snooping around are amongst the best things to do. You, yourselves can definitely get into better physical shape with a Beagle because of the long and dynamic walks you’ll take.


The Cockapoo is the mixed breed of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. The latter was already mentioned in our article, but Cocker Spaniels are also great family dogs. Hypoallergenic, thanks to their poodle heritage and the perfect blend of affectionate and caring character traits through both their Spaniel and Poodle origins. However, this is a designer breed which is quite rare, still.

Final tips

In the end, we would like to say that it’s best to find a dog which you can depend and rely on. The best breeds for families are mild, gentle and patient. If the dog is known for being aggressive or super stubborn, it might not be the right selection. 

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