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It is a very common saying that a home is not a home without a dog. Once you think of keeping a pet dog, you have to get your home into shape, welcoming the new addition to your family. Being the owner of a pet canine is excellent. There are a lot many things you have to consider while deciding on the same lines.

You have to cater to their essential products, like food bowls, dress, grooming-kit, toys, and so on. These essential pet products keep your dog healthy, joyful, and full of life. But, with a wide variety of choices in the market, it becomes difficult sometimes to take a stoic decision on these essential pet products. It is somewhat confusing on which one to purchase in the real sense, and which one is for pampering them. Thus, it is a sensible idea to get some basics ready when your adorable four-legged mate arrives. Read the rundown of seven essential pet products every dog owner must have to cater to their daily requirements.


1. Dog attire 

Check the weather conditions at your place. Consider buying your four-legged pet pooch, a dog sweater, or a jacket during winters. You can also make them wear these while it is windy outside. In warm or climate areas, buy for them the well-designed cooling vests.

Specially designed and made of extra soft fabric, it retains moisture and cools their body over evaporation, for more than three to four hours. Re-moisten the same to give the adorable pets some relief. 


2. Dog food and water bowls

Your royal canin requires a couple of sturdy containers for his water and food, respectively. The ceramic ones look decorative and easily break. And the plastic ones are not too easy for cleaning. Opt for the stainless steel ones, as these are a little harder and more durable. Certain products usually strike the first-time dog owners are their water and food bowls. These bowls come in different sizes, according to the age and size of your pet breed. For instance, the puppies have a separate sized bowl, and sometimes the new-born ones feed only from dog feeding bottles.

Also, opt for the raised bowl set that comes with a stand. These stands are of iron frames, and are easily adjustable, according to their height. Train your pooch to have water and food from the same. The raised bowl set aids in the promotion of their healthy food digestion while preventing them from swallowing an inadequate amount of air when they are eating. Your pet dog will be super-excited about their mealtime, and also their posture remains correct. If you are looking for a new pet you can find a dog online.


3. Dog beds

Always keep a dog bed and train your pooch to sit or sleep on it. Nonetheless, we all know that the canines can accommodate and stay without a bed most of the time. But any sort of dog furniture, like the dog beds, rugs, sleeping-mats, or dog sofas designed to cater to the four-legged mates’ comfort. Believe it or not, they simply adore their beds and love to spend their entire lying or cuddling on it. It is ‘their domain,’ and they are well-aware of it!

So, invest in a comfortable dog bed, which your royal canin calls his ‘heavenly abode.’ Invest in a dog bed that is true to his size and, of course, the breed. You have to visit the various pet stores and take around on the furniture section. So many variables come into the making of the correct choice. Try striking a conversation with the store owner, as most of the time, they guide better, concerning this essential dog product.


4. Dog collars and leashes

The most simple and easy way to identify your pooch is by making them wear a dog collar. This pocket-friendly means increases the chance of finding your lost dog, provided those circumstances arise. There are many dog owners, avoiding the usage of the same, for various reasons. According to the research behind it, around 15 to 20% of lost dogs return home, owing to these collars. In recent times, the same comes with an in-built microchip.

Yet another research claims that these microchips have a definite impact on the chances of tracing your pet dog. So, make your adorable pet wear a collar aided with a microchip, for a guaranteed positive result. While out with them for a walk, attach a dog leash to play safe. These are particular essential pet products, according to many dog experts, you must own. Many countries, including the USA, have the law of tying your canine, while out in public. It mostly to assure the safety of others – ordinary people on the road, other canines and animals and your pet pooch, of course. Train them, if required, of walking on a leash, which will guard them against getting hurt, while staying under control.


5. Dog grooming supplies

Be the proud owner of your pooch’s grooming kit. But you should be well aware of the correct method of grooming them. The result is an excellent bonding between both of you, and you save some money by not taking your mutt to the professional pet-grooming outlets. Cater to the necessary grooming items, as these are the essential ones. While buying the grooming-kit for your pet mutt, keep their breed in mind. A lot depends upon their breed. For instance, for grooming a Golden Retriever, the kit is much simpler, as compared to grooming a Pekingese or a Poodle. In general, keep in mind these mentioned necessary grooming aids for your pet dog – 

  • De-tangling hair brush or metal comb 
  • Coat clippers or scissors 
  • Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (prefer the medicated ones as a preventive for dandruff and ticks)
  • nail cutter 
  • dog dental brush and  medicated paste 

Keep them handy. Research on this a bit for a good grooming session for your pooches. 


6. Dog toys

Last but not least, the most significant product for your pet play-mate are the dog toys. They simply adore their toys and are very possessive of the same. For the young puppy owners, to relieve these cuddly ones from constant teething, give them the chewy dog toys. These are commonly known as dental puppy chews. It is any day better than seeing your pricey furniture getting ruined! Also, most canines have their in-built hunting instinct, which they want to practice. These toys, generally the noisy ones, characterize their prey.  

While selecting your dog’s toy, you have to be very careful. Small details like bells, ribbons, noses, and all other gizmos attached to their main toy rips-off at the first instance, or else swallowed! Rip-off these before giving them for playing. Also, keep a strict vigil on your dog while they are playing with their toys. Examine these toys occasionally for any signs of wear-n-tear. Throw them when required. And, never purchase many toys at one go. Initially buy one and try the same with him. Observe his reaction. Choose the toys according to their breed. It also matters a lot. Let your pooch enjoy it. 


7. Dog treats

Keep the dog treats ready at home, always. It stands essential when you are training your pooch, and is out with him. Do you know the actual reason behind the dog treats? The goal is their instant reaction and working with new initiatives. The treats provide positive reinforcement for these lovable ones. But you have to make the correct use of these. Give them treats, when required, and to your advantage. It is a tad difficult for any dog treat suggestion, as all are winners in this category. For instance, the dog biscuits under Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks work well. These are one of the delectable choices. And to maintain your four-legged companions’ dental health, opt for Canine Dental Chews. So, list the same in your essential pet products, and keep them handy always. Try surveying obligating anyone to recommend a product.

Woof! Woof!

Allow your pet dog to play. Bestow it with immeasurable love and happiness. Cater to these above mentioned essential pet products and the pet supplies for your lovable pooches. Do purchase the branded ones, for its quality and utility. Opt for the brands having a decent rating along with positive reviews, owing to their reputation, cost, and reliability. Get the best underground wireless dog fences for your dog.  Our pet pooches live for the day, every hour, and every moment. They are not our whole life but make our lives whole. So, give them the best, as they give their best!