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Most Windows PC users are thinking about ditching their PCs and shift to Mac instead due to the amount of data Windows collects via Windows Store. One study conducted by OnePoll found out that almost 61% of the US citizens who are Windows PC users are considering switching to macOS

In the UK, this percentage is higher, as almost 67% of the people are considering making the switch and more than 15% said they are considering to switch. What’s surprising was that only 30% of the people said that they are going to stick with their Windows PC. 

Microsoft Privacy Issues 

The National Data Protection Commission in France sent Microsoft a warning to stop collecting “excessive” user data, in compliance with the French Data Protection Act. The NDPC cited the following areas for improvement:

  • Windows Store collects data regarding apps downloaded and time spent on each app without the permission of the user. 
  • Windows 10 automatically installs an advertising identifier that allows Microsoft to monitor their browsing sessions and target them with ads. 
  • Windows App Store authentication allows users to set a 4 pin password, but it does not restrict the number of attempts. 

All these issues set off red flags when it comes to the online privacy of users on Windows. The French authorities said that this excessive data is “not necessary for the operation of the service.” The committee also said that Microsoft is illegally transferring data to the US through its Safe Harbour framework. 

Considering these privacy issues with Windows, Mac users have also been vigilant of these practices and have taken them into their own hands. While switching to macOS is a smarter option, there will still be network level risk that might stick around. So, aside from just ditching your Windows PC for a Mac, it’s also important to start utilizing tools like Firewalls, Antivirus programs and VPNs. 

Speaking of VPNs, using one can not only help you secure the data packets transferring to and fro from your mac but they can also make you untraceable on the internet. With that being said, not all VPNs are the same, especially the free ones. We suggest only sticking with the best VPNs for macOS that are trusted and recommended by experts. You can use them to take the security of your Mac device one step ahead. 

OnePoll Survey Breakdown

According to OnePoll Survey, 1000 individuals took part, from the UK and the US. 67% of the UK respondents said that they will definitely switch or are considering switching to Mac in light of the Windows privacy concerns. This number is significantly higher than in America, where 60% of the people said that they would definitely switch to Mac. 


The survey was also tested to see if age is a factor in the results. User’s aged 18 to 24 years old said that they would definitely switch (71%), and a few said that they would consider switching to macOS. Users aged 35-44 had the fewest percentage of Windows users who would not consider switching to Mac at all (24%). Similarly, users above 55 years old said that they would consider switching to macOS (47%). Even though we can see a slight trend, there was no significant relationship found between age and switching to Mac due to privacy concerns. 


Another factor tested during the survey was gender. Do men and women both take the issue seriously? The survey found out that men were more likely to rule out the option of switching (39%) despite Windows privacy concerns as compared to women. In comparison, fewer women said that they would rule out switching to Mac, as they were more inclined towards considering the switch. 

Is Mac really more secure than Windows PC?


Apple is huge when it comes to security and privacy. But when it comes to comparing Windows and Mac, the results are always tight. In a recent survey, more than 70% of Americans said they trust Microsoft more than Apple. Recently, Craig Federighi, Apple’s head of software also said in the Apple vs Epic Games trial that Macs have malware that is much worse than iOS. 


Additionally, there is a popular perception among the public that Apple is safe and secure as compared to Windows, but they don’t realize that macOS is a closed source platform, so you don’t really know what improvements are being made to keep your data secure. However, if we talk about data usage, Apple shares your personal information and data with a few third[-parties as compared to Windows. 


Thomas Reed at Malwarebytes says, “Folks love to hate on Apple and say that privacy is just a PR claim for Apple every time they have an issue. However, from my observation, Apple is taking privacy extremely seriously.” 


However, Apple still logs a lot of user data, thus driving consumers to use online privacy tools like virtual private networks (VPNs) and proxies. Both Mac and Windows have their fair share of privacy loopholes that need to be addressed for user’s online privacy and data security


On the whole, Windows privacy issues have changed public sentiment regarding the platform, and it will definitely affect the purchases and public’s trust in the company. These privacy issues have set off red flags within the online privacy community, and for good reasons. This survey serves as a wake-up call for consumers when it comes to online privacy and security.