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Marketing is a vital aspect of business, especially for B2B companies. Without marketing, how can you reach your audience, tell them about your products or services, and turn them into clients?

Around 44% of digital marketers believe that lead and traffic generation is their top priority in 2021. And this has been the biggest challenge in B2B marketing.

Considering the cutthroat competition in the ecommerce era, marketing has become incredibly tough. While marketing objectives may have remained unchanged, achieving them has evolved – and is constantly changing. Innovative and unique marketing strategies last year may be commonplace this year. Highly successful tactics today might not be as effective six months from now.

With the rapidly evolving technology and B2B marketing trends, communicating with your prospective clients in the most effective way is paramount.

Here are some successful marketing strategies for B2B companies in 2021.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a highly successful strategy that involves carefully tailoring the sales and marketing strategies to a specific account. According to Salesforce, around 92% of B2B marketers use the ABM program.

With this strategy, you don’t look at the number of leads but rather the number of deals closed. This results in a better ROI and a faster bottom line. Account-based marketers focus on lead quality rather than quantity. The types of B2B lead generation to implement must be geared towards acquiring quality leads. With the ABM approach, marketing efforts are personalized and focus narrowed to the best accounts with the best chances of converting. B2B marketers should implement the ABM method by targeting bigger accounts.


One of the biggest challenges of B2B marketers is the fact that the target audience only spends less than two minutes on a website. In this very limited time, you need to catch their attention by showing how your service or product can solve their problem. Getting them to decide positively will make the inquiry process or sales journey fast.

Marketing trends in 2021 will be dominated by hyper-personalizing the messaging and content. Delivering the message to prospects that are irrelevant to them at their stage in the sales funnel will just be useless. Make sure your target customers get the appropriate message at the right time and through the right channel. For example, you can send segmented emails instead of generic email blasts.

This 2021, marketing strategies and tools that focus on generating Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) over Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLSs) are the emerging trend. SQLs are ripe for ABM efforts.

Outbound and inbound marketing

While outbound marketing might seem archaic and irrelevant today, the reality is that it is still very powerful and vital. As the most basic form of marketing, B2B marketers must invest in every kind of outbound marketing tactics, both the traditional and the new ones. Expect this approach to be costly and oversaturated but it is crucial to your B2B campaign’s success. Newsprint, TV ads, radio, YouTube commercials, website banners, and customer interactions are perfect opportunities to market a B2B business. This 2021, attending business events, whenever possible, is an effective strategy.

Equally important are inbound marketing strategies. This method focuses on providing your target audience with useful, persuasive content. Blogs and emails are still powerful but video content is a must. High-quality videos that promote your service or product can help generate quality leads. Take note, however, that inbound marketing is a long-term strategy. It entails effort, time, and resources, but when executed properly, it can yield impressive ROI.

Mobile-first strategy

As consumers spend more time on mobile devices, your B2B marketing strategy should be geared towards mobile technology. By implementing a mobile-first strategy, you’re already generating 50% more potential leads.

Mobile marketing tactics have a global reach of over 5 billion users. It’s not surprising how mobile has surpassed desktop as the primary channel for media consumption. It opens up an opportunity to generate new traffic and data collection for businesses.

Make sure all your contents are mobile-compatible. Since crucial decision-makers are likely using mobile devices, be sure your online presence and communications are accessible through any device. Before launching any marketing campaign, optimize it for all screen sizes.

Mobile apps are also making a huge impact in B2B marketing efforts. By investing in these apps, you can reach out to your audience as well as existing customers. It increases customer engagement and satisfaction and accelerates sales.

Client retention

Finally, and perhaps the most important B2B marketing strategy this 2021 is establishing and improving your client retention program. More than generating new prospects, taking care of your first-time clients and your regulars will guarantee the stability of your business. This is important, especially in this uncertain economic time. Invest in client-nurturing programs and up-selling.

These are the five essential strategies you need to win in B2B marketing. They’re a mix of highly innovative as well as old but tried-and-tested methods.