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When you need quick cash, the best solution is to make an ATM withdrawal. However, if you’ve never used an ATM machine, you may be wondering how it works. Well, the process is quite easy.

Are you curious to learn how to use the ATM? If so, continue reading the steps below.

1. Find an ATM Machine

You have the option to use a standalone ATM machine or go to your bank branch to withdraw money. You can always Google the nearest ATM or branch location near you. Finding an ATM should be easy.

2. Put Your Card in the Card Reader

Once you’ve found an ATM machine, put your card into the card reader. Most machines will show a picture that displays the proper way to insert it.

Every ATM withdrawal process is different. Some machines keep your card through the withdrawal process, while others only require a quick insert to perform the transaction.

3. Enter Your PIN Number

You won’t be able to make an ATM withdrawal without your PIN number. It’s the same number that you would use if you were at the store.

To be safe, hide your PIN number as you enter it. Sometimes there may be people watching. Also, there are thieves who will install hidden cameras over ATM machines in an effort to gather PIN numbers. So be careful!

4. Choose Your Transaction

Most people go to ATMs to make a withdrawal. But you can also use it to check your balance or make a deposit. If you’re going to deposit checks or cash, it’s best to use your bank ATM.

If you need to make an ATM withdrawal, most machines will give a quick withdrawal option of $20, $40, $100, or $200.

However, you have the option to choose the amount that you want to take out. Just be aware that most ATMs only provide cash in increments of 10s or 20s. So, you can’t withdraw $145.

5. Take Your Card

Once you’ve done the transaction, the ATM machine will ask you if you’re finished. If you don’t need to do anything else, wrap things up. The ATM machine prompts will advise you on how to do so.

Also, be aware that if you’re not using a branch ATM, a standalone ATM machine might charge you a fee. If it does, it’ll display the amount that it’s charging and ask if you agree to the charge. You have the option to decline if you don’t want to pay the withdrawal fee.

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Understanding How to Make an ATM Withdrawal

As you can see, making an ATM withdrawal is super easy. Whether you choose to go to your bank branch or a standalone ATM, you can get cash quickly. Just be sure to watch your surroundings and protect your PIN number.

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