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Hemmels Limited, a specialist Mercedes-Benz classic car restoration company, delivered four cars to clients, worth over £1.2M, in the first three weeks of October, setting a new record for the company. The company expects to match the record of client deliveries in November.

Most of the cars were personally delivered to clients in the UK and overseas. One client collected the car at the Hemmels factory and safely drove it home some 200 miles away during storm Callum.

Offering a new car buying experience, clients order a Mercedes-Benz classic car in the colours of their choice along with a selection of bespoke options and preferences. Hemmels then restores the cars according to the exacting standards of its trademarked Neugeboren (“newborn”) Process where every car is fully dismantled and rebuilt from its bare metal beginnings over a 52 week period. Like a new car purchase, a full 12 month parts and labour warranty is included along with servicing options.

Hemmels focuses on classic Mercedes-Benz SL motorcars including the iconic 300 SL Gullwing, 300 SL Roadster, 280 SL Pagoda and 190 SL Roadster.

Prices for a Hemmels restored classic motorcar range from £225K GBP ($295K USD) to over £1.7M GBP ($2.2M USD) for the more coveted models. The value of Hemmels cars has risen, on average, 24% since 2016.

Each car takes approximately 4,000 man hours to restore.

“Every day for a year our craftsmen see and work on a motorcar, coaxing it back to perfection, ready for another 60 years of enjoyment.” said Joseph Sullivan, MD Hemmels. “By putting our heart and soul into these restorations it is bittersweet when the car leaves us, but seeing the smiles on our clients’ faces make it worthwhile.”

Hemmels is pleased to welcome interested parties for a personal tour of the showroom and facilities through prior appointment. The company will be displaying a selection of its classic cars at the Lancaster Classic Car show, NEC, Birmingham, UK from November 9 – 11, 2018.